After a month in St. Lucia, we are pleased to announce the distribution and the planting of the first batch of tree crops. It was an exciting moment to see the  farmers come to a brief meeting this morning before distributing the trees. Neil, Zimm, and the seven facilitators were present at the meeting to experience an important of the project.

After the trees were distributed we all walked to one of the farmer’s to assist her with the tree planting. We got our hands dirty by planting more that 10 trees. The rest of the trees will be planted by the farmers during the course of the week.

DON’T PANIC..there are more trees to come!!
The 7 facilitators and 35 students will help us plant many more trees. Tree planting is just one of  the many activities that we will have during the course of this month. We intend to do beach cleanups and to develop community awareness. The Student Program is to educate while giving hands on experience on environmental issues, food security and biodiversity. Each student will become a leader by propagating peace one tree at a time.